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The Pier

Installation /

01.09 — 08.10.2023

St. Petersburg, New Holland Island, Pavilion

 Причал НГ20_sm.jpg

Monotonous beating of waves against an empty pier. Through the port noise, the whistle of a steamer breaks through and freezes in the air. The pounding in the temples becomes unbearable. In the indifference of the empty pier, a man bursts in. Gasping for air, he helplessly throws off his burden and stands in a daze after the departing steamer... An unlucky traveler, or a person who decided to run away into the unknown and start all over again? He is late, he is confused. What is better: to achieve success or to be late, to run away or to leave? Everyone decides for himself.

The Pier" is the third in a series of projects by the artist since the beginning of 2022, dedicated to the theme of experiencing the events of recent times. Here he turns to familiar images. Throughout the 20th century, they acquired additional connotations, which until recently were only remembered in connection with certain periods of history of the past century. Reflecting on modern realities, the artist reveals these meanings, and the installation from a supposed invitation to travel turns into a proposal to think about the eternal philosophical dilemma of fatal predestination and the possibility of ree choice.

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