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Hiromitsu/ 廣光 



We introduce you the poetic photobook Hiromitsu (廣光 )

Poetic images of nature, object, text are achieved through the combination of two photography movements: museum photography and landscape, natural photography in the Japanese tradition of contemplation with its’ special attitude to an object, with a certain affection, by the method of digital camera.  

The text is written shortly before the publication of the album.


From the author:

When I saw the Japanese sword for the first time, I was impressed by its form. The more I learned about the sword the more questions I wanted to ask. The questions about the history, legends, manufacturing methods, masters and owners, the culture of storing and traditions of succession. But there was one more secret, the secret of making photos of the Japanese steel.  The European way in this absolutely new theme for me became secondary. The thing is not in the technical, but timing aspect. The work beyond the time limits, what is it? It’s a work that needs no hustle – thus, in this unhurried way of work these poetic images, the text and the book were born.

Special edition of the photobook with the original author’s photographs.



13 two-page openings

Limited-edition of 30 signed and numbered copies

Price on request


© Dmitry Sirotkin, photography, text

© Dmitry Pechalov, Private collection

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