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Dialogues in Silence – Between Here and There


Being a state within a state, the temple of the arts is great. The hierarchy of any state or society structure is clear-cut and obvious. The visible, vivid and dominant in this hierarchy, as opposed to the undistinguished, yet of no small importance - in some way or other, represent people and their interaction.  


At dawn, people start coming into in the deserted rooms exhibiting the art of Antiquity. Slowly, the hall is coming to life. These individuals are the Museum’s cleaning workers who are the first to break the morning silence. A circle, an oval, up and down, back and forth, across… Doing the same monotonous work every day, they appear to draw formulas of dust. Marble sculptures, as though reflecting eternity, welcome their guests with blank white faces. But wait.. Someone has winked. Or was it just a feeling? They do seem to be whispering!



The artist has placed a major emphasis on dialogue, having selected a lucid and laconic type of a double profile portrait, in which persons are depicted facing each other.  Owing its origin to ancient glyptics and medallic art, this type of a double portrait can rarely be found in European fine arts, which would make its interpretation appear all the more interesting at the present stage.


It is notable that of all types of portraits it is the profile portrait that comes closest to photography art, since the early mechanical attempts to create representations concerned specifically the depictions of faces in profile. They were made with the aid of a machine called a physionotrace, which mechanically reproduced a drawing,  -  created  in France in the late 18th century and known as the forerunner of photography.

Limited-edition of 30 signed and numbered copies

24 Portraits

Price on request


© Dmitry Sirotkin, photography, text

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