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Flower for Persephone /
Persephone was kidnapped at the same time
Photo / 10 lightboxes / 30Х40Х30

The Project is based on the Ancient Greek myth about the beautiful Persephone: «Hades saw Persephone frolicking in the Nicaea Valley and decided to abduct her. He entreated Gaea, the Goddess of the Earth, to grow a flower of unusual beauty. Gaea agreed, and a wonderful flower bloomed in the Nicaea Valley, its heady odor spreading far and away. Persephone noticed the flower: she reached it with her hand, pulled it and tore it down. Suddenly a huge hole yawned in

the Earth, and somber Hades, the Ruler of the Underworld, emerged in his gold chariot driven by black horses. He grabbed Persephone, lifted her into his chariot and in an eyewink disappeared into the interior of the Earth. Persephone could only utter a scream…»
The project employs the space of the 18th century Necropolis, a part of the Museum of City Sculpture, where the author placed his lightboxes with images

of flowers. The exhibition visitors are offered to follow the 'trail of Persephone', from tombstone to tombstone, from flower to flower…

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