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Single-channel video / 2020-21 / 9 min / Full HD / 16:9 / stereo  

Youngsters are shown one by one, declaring the poem ‘Parus’ written by the seventeen-year-old Mikhail Lermontov.

Iconic example of romanticism in poetry linked to childhood it resembles the spectator’s own infancy and reveals the personalities of the modern contributors.

Parus / M. Yu. Lermontov

Read: Ivan Skribo, Maria Tolkachev, Boris Tikhomirov, Vova Alyukhin, Misha Chetverikov, Platon Drozdov,

Arseny Chubraev, Ulya and Lesya Tarasovs, Anatoly Matveev, Ivan Tolkachev, Nastya Egorova, Ivan Sirotkin


The memory of short-term # 01B

The memory of short-term # 02 B

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